The Company “Baltic House Systems” was founded in 2013. We are the new modern construction company focusing on the production of modular houses. Our advantage is the freshness of ideas in the design solutions of the modern buildings, in their engineering and implementation. It is well known that design is one of the ways of the company development, by creating the additional added value of the product, as well as the possibility of improvement of everyday life of each person both in the truest and figural sense. Design is a tool of improvement of the quality of life, as well as comfortable, functional, ergonomic and modern tool in everyday life. Therefore, Baltic House Systems called for cooperation the young promising engineers, as well as experienced professionals who are able to find an individual approach to each client and to offer creative solutions that allow us following the latest trends in architecture and design, while keeping the high quality of our products. We try to make each new project unique and suitable to the modern concepts of environmentally friendly houses. The ecology and comfort of tenants of modern houses are of great importance in construction. Therefore, we use energy-saving technologies and energy-efficient materials to make our planet cleaner and unconsciously attract our customers to such approach. Our houses also have many positive features, such as ease of installation and versatility, which allow using them in inaccessible areas, such as mountains.


       Let us say, if you wish to be original and to live in a unique, tastefully decorated house, you have come to the right place.