Future vision

    Recent trends in the world, as well in architecture are bringing human closer to the nature. Future house, in our opinion, does not insulate us from the outside world by stone walls. 
    Worldwide trends tends to open area and this is reflecting on the projects of leading designers around the world. Large panoramic windows create a spacious feeling in the living room and allow people to move closer to nature. First-time untouched landscapes become a continuation of the modern living room.
    Our goal is to follow with the latest trends in the field of architecture in the world. At the same time creating new architectural solutions in segment of modular homes by launching a new and more modern types of module house production and construction.
    Future plans include the development of different directions in this segment, offering wide range of non-standard solutions of modular houses for residential, recreational, entertainment and so on.
    The plans include the gradual development of production, build production plant according with modern production requirements, where we can realize our projects and future visions.
    At the same time, we are thinking of recognition of the company's in domestic and foreign markets. To accomplish this, we are using Internet resources, as well as try to raise interest in other media.
    Working as a team will be able to achieve all of our goals and move on to new challenges.