Our company is one of the few  that is able to produce quickly installed buildings, as well as those erected and delivered in the shortest time. Modular homes are erected on pre-arranged fundament. Basic preparation can make the customer or our specialists for the project developed.
    Installation includes the following works:
    • Basic concreting
    • Modular placing on the grounds by axes
    • Modular mounting of foundation.
    • Assembly of external connection (roof, facade)
    • External communications connection (water, sewage, electricity, etc. . ) .
    • Interconnection mounting (ceiling, wall, floor).
    • Terraces assembly.
    • Building commissioning.
    Due to the mobility of the block module, you can build in a very short time modular buildings or camping towns of individually arranged modules. Modular buildings can be built from one or more modular units. These types of modular buildings are not only comfortable in the construction process, but also deliberative   and comfortable to live in, so there is pleasant to stay.
    You are getting a high-quality and comfortable home while consuming minimal resources for its construction, time and energy.