Transportation is one of the processes that should be implemented to achieve our goals. Transportation process begins upon the accomplishment of the modular house and conduction of final tests. The next step – transfer of house from the manufacturing department to pre-planned place of loading. Knowing the external dimensions of the modules and their mass, the appropriate transport and crane are timely chosen and ordered. Then the loading of modules on the platform of the truck follows. Depending on the external dimensions of the modules, they are loaded on the platform, one or two at a time.



      When all modules are loaded and fastened, the last stability testing of cargo, as well as the preparation and signing of relevant documents for transportation are carried out. Cargo carriers receive the confirmed transport route. Only then the transportation may begin. Cargo carrier chooses the route in order to get to the destination (assembly place) as soon as possible, taking into account all the obstacles on the road. Transportation of cargo takes place mainly on land routes and water.



   Overland transport is being mainly used to carry cargo along the main highways, in order to enable the loaded car with platforms to cross the electrical lines and over-crossings. Using sea routes, cargo is being shipped by ferries, mainly from Scandinavian countries. In total, the transportation time depends on the location of the object and access roads.

     The manufacturing department is located in Liepaja, where there is a sea port, so in this case, the cargo transportation by sea is privileged. The advantage of our location is that there are three ice-free ports within a radius of 100 km from us - Liepaja, Klaipeda and Ventspils ports. The cargo can be delivered by sea not only to Scandinavia, but also to other countries, such as - Poland, Germany, Denmark, Russia and other countries. Consequently, the cargo can be transported both by land and by sea. 

      Thus, the modular houses are transported to the assembly place.