Our recruiting process

    Baltic House Systems bidders assessment consists of four categories:
    • Applicant evaluation according with positions advertised .
    • Interview.
    • Practical work.
    • Signing of the contract.

    Baltic House Systems vacant job advertisements are placed in newspapers, web sites, as well as attracting the recruitment company. The advertisement, based on the web page job description indicates the applicant's desired profession, application deadlines, as well as an indication of our location.
    After the application deadline, with the list of applicants for the job vacancy evaluated in accordance with the employee's job description requirements.
    Applicants shall be shown, specifically established selection committee. It selects one or more candidates who best meet the requirements and invite applicants for interview. Interviewers are asked various questions in areas of expertise, as well as possibly being asked to perform the practical test work. According with results above Committee makes decision to take on vacancy.
    Then the applicant is contracted, according to the Latvian laws, placed on probation for 3 months.